Nuova Simonelli takes care of its clients even before the installation of a new espresso coffee machine, and they do it by supporting the distribution network and by sharing value with coffee chains, restaurants, and coffee shops that choose a Nuova Simonelli machine. This is given to improve and enhance the operators job and allow them to be more at ease with the machinery. Even the less expert operator can use the learning and make a perfect coffee in total comfort while reducing waste.

Success is not only about innovation and research, but also the right dose of training and expertise is needed to create the perfect mix. The company’s technical courses, e-learning platforms, and the constant educational programs provided at the headquarters and around the world create a secure connection spreading knowledge and success worldwide that goes from the company to the final user through the inestimable collaboration of the distributors. There is nothing to hide, only the sharing of knowledge for balanced and sustainable growth in the industry.

That is why you can count on a Nuova Simonelli machine, always.

Nuova Simonelli. Someone by your side