XT because it offers “extra technologies” for coffee shop chains and shops that have an average productivity rate but require advanced functions. Appia Life, other than guaranteeing a consistent quality of the drinks, which is a prerogative for Nuova Simonelli, offers different solutions that allow the user to maximize precision and be in more control of the device. Most importantly, Appia Life is the coffee machine you can trust!

The XT version of the Appia Life is an intelligent machine that electronically manages all performance criteria: the brewing time, the milk froth temperature of the Easycream system, the boiler pressure command, and all the performance measures of the remote-control mode. It is mainly the remote-control system that is extremely helpful for coffee chains. It allows the visualization of the machine’s performance providing data and statistics available to regulate peak time, making the organization of the business much more manageable. It helps to organize the warehouse and the orders, thus optimize investments and employee formation based on the daily brewing graphics the machines provide. For instance, if the extraction data in a determined hour of the day is not constant, the owner can seek to arrange a technical course.

The machine also has sensors that detect the boiler pressure, the brewing time, and the milk temperature when the Easycream wand is functioning all displayable on-screen.

More control and more precision, this is Appia Life XT.