Aurelia Wave UX incorporates new technology that offers maximum flexibility when preparing drinks: ITS, Independent Temperature Setting.

ITS is the result of constant development work by Nuova Simonelli dedicated to extraction performance, improving  ease-of-use and energy saving even more. ITS enables control that is independent of the temperature of every group to obtain optimum handling of simultaneous preparation of different drinks on the menu, whilst keeping high quality standards and consistent levels of service.

ITS is based on single boiler technology to which Nuova Simonelli engineers added a thermostatic mixer that stabilises the water temperature in the boiler of every group with less installed power and maximum ease-of-use for the operator. Once the temperature is set for every group, the operator’s work is automated: the machine handles all the rest maintaining a stable temperature right to the end of the preparation of every drink.

Whoever works with Aurelia Wave UX can obtain the same consistency in the cup both at peak times and in quieter periods. Once the parameters are set, service becomes fluid and fast, maintaining high quality standards as well as excellent productivity. Aurelia Wave UX can make several drinks at the same time (milk or coffee based or infusions) maintaining maximum consistency of result.


Check out the video tutorial: