Interior design offers a pleasant experience for the client, not only in coffee shops but in any setting. A layout that follows its company’s values and analytical approach is fundamental to making everything work flawlessly in a shop, from a restaurant to a coffee chain and from a hotel bar to a roasting company. That is why design plays a fundamental role: the shapes and lines, colors, and materials must be coherent with the entire context.
Even the equipment chosen to be part of that particular environment plays an essential element in the construction and organization of the spaces, strengthening the affinity with the roaster, restaurant, hotel, or coffee shop. Aurelia Wave UX does just that: the profile recognizability, the brand logo on the back that can be retro-illuminated, the sustainable design, and its shape that recalls its force and extraction qualities. All these details are topped off with the new Titan Grey color – a definite tone, just like the espresso coffee machine, but able to balance the more luminous shades to combine colors and materials and make the environment an ideal and delightful ambiance.

Sustainability, minimalism, and technology are the keywords for 2022 interior design. A continuous tendency from the past years emphasizing the clients need to find a neighborly spot where they can feel safe and spend pleasant moments. The technological core of the Aurelia Wave UX guarantees a constant quality during the entire day. Its straightforward interface allows the user to prepare exquisite drinks and follow easy cleaning procedures. Let’s say it offers a high-quality beverage to welcome hotel guests, to conclude the end of a meal at a restaurant, and for a pleasant, regenerative break at a café.
For those multi-shop managers who must monitor multiple workflows, the Aurelia Wave UX coffee machine can connect to the new Simonelli Group telemetry platform that offers precise management over every shop’s routine. The instrument scans the machine’s performance showing data and graphical statistics valuable to supervise the working day peak times. This information allows the owner to manage employee shifts, generating more time to invest further in employee education. It’s an overall benefit for shop owners and employees and, in turn, for the client that gets to sip the results of the best cup of coffee brewed.

Aurelia Wave UX combines technology, solidity, and strength of the machine with connectivity and energy reduction solutions, making it an incredibly modern machine able to respond to the latest needs of the hospitality sector.


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