Among the pages of Allegra’s latest World Coffee Portal report, a new trend is emerging that is embracing all continents: the coffee shop market is seeing an increase in consumer participation and the desire for quality coffee anywhere, any time. In fact, consumers integrate the coffee culture into their daily lifestyle. How to maximize the quality of a cup of coffee by quickening the procedure? Nuova Simonelli, with the collaboration of schools and Universities, completed a research and demonstrated that the temperature parameter during the extraction phase is very important to improve the quality of the coffee. Thus, T3 technology was patented to guarantee result consistency from the first to the last coffee of the day. It is an interesting case of advanced automation where simplicity and innovation combine to offer a high-quality product. ABOUT T3: T3 is the acronym for 3 temperatures: a system of digital probes connected to the central board that controls the temperatures of the steam boiler, the coffee boiler and the group. This system guarantees precise temperature of the extracted water resulting in a consistent high-quality product. The simple user-friendly interface allows the operator to set the extraction temperature. Simple, just like a smartphone.