Nuova Simonelli presents at Host the Appia Life coffee machine, born thanks to the success of the historical Appia. With its high productivity and performance, this model is appreciated by thousands of coffee shops worldwide and is now innovating. Appia Life is made for those who want a trustworthy and straightforward machine while making a great drink in total confidence. It is the perfect coffee machine for large companies, coffee shop chains, or wherever there is a need to prepare an abundance of great coffee and to be cost-effective.Appia Life is a coffee machine that is distinguished for its performance, user-friendliness, and energy-saving and for the new characteristics that make it even more advanced.Appia Life guarantees high daily productivity and an even more consistent result in the cup. The SIS SYSTEM optimizes the extraction and compensates any tamping errors so that it reduces waste and makes regularly perfect coffees. The significant variation of the machine is the introduction of the EASY CREAM TECHNOLOGY that allows the automatic frothing of the milk. The double wand froths the milk and stops just as it reaches the preset temperature.