A daily cleaning procedure maintains high-quality standards and ensures a long-lasting machine.

How to assure the perfect functioning of the machine and its long-lasting endurance? Correct and constant maintenance keeps the device high performant and in optimal conditions able to guarantee its extraction quality during a longer time frame.

Nuova Simonelli, with the assistance of Giulia, a hardworking young barista, made a series of video tutorials to illustrate the daily cleaning operations to do to guarantee the maximum functionality of the machine and to offer the best result in the cup.
In the first two video tutorials, that are already up on YouTube and in social pages, Giulia explains how to start the cleaning method on the Aurelia Wave coffee machine, T3 and volumetric version. She also shares small suggestions for separate washing, useful to guarantee the group workability while the other group is running its cleaning procedure.

T3 version cleaning
Volumetric version cleaning