User-friendly with significant control. The Appia Life range guarantees coffee shops with average productivity, the possibility to choose from a wide selection of products in line with the various market’s needs.

A year of Appia Life, the third generation Appia series of Nuova Simonelli achieves its first year on the market. Presented on the 12th of April during the Hotelex exhibition in Shanghai, Appia Life is a machine created for all who require a reliable and straightforward tool, and that also allows the non-expert barista to make a great drink in total comfort and safety. It is likewise chosen by prominent companies, chains, and any coffee shop with average productivity, to prepare excellent coffee while being economically sustainable.

Why is it called Appia Life? Because it’s the machine for life: it never abandons you!
The Appia Life range has versions that adequately respond to different sales’ needs, from the upcoming market to the more developed one.

With Appia Life, Nuova Simonelli expanded its range to offer this model to different markets. The standard version of Appia Life that comprehends the 1, 2, or 3 groups version is perfect for those coffee shop chains in rising demand that require a user-friendly, reliable, and economical machine. The newest version XT is dedicated to shop chains that are in an already stable market and require advanced functions with maximum precision and significant control.
Appia. Fifteen years with more than 270-thousand coffee machines sold.

Its name comes from one of the most noted roads of the Roman era. The via Appia connected Rome to Brindisi, one of the most important harbors in ancient Rome, where all the commercial navigation routes to Greece and the Middle East began. It was a novel road for those times and valued for its innovative engineering and economic prosperity.

The choosing of the name, just like its history, is perfectly fit for this lucky machine. Since 2005, which was the first production year and commercial launch of the series, Appia can be found in countless coffee shops in more than 130 countries worldwide. Three different series (Appia, Appia II, and now Appia Life), 23 ranges of products and more than 270-thousand machines sold, for an average of 18-thousand pieces per year.