Nuova Simonelli presents the new MDJ and MDXS on-demand grinders

Nuova Simonelli, the brand known throughout the world for its professional espresso coffee machines and for its technologically advanced and easy-to-use grinders now presents two new versions of the MDJ and MDXS.

The MDJ and MDXS on-demand grinders combine all the Nuova Simonelli technology and ergonomics for coffee shops, chains and restaurants that require a consistent, quality grind, along with simplicity of use and maintenance.

MDJ on-demand is the high-quality professional grinder. With its 75mm burrs, this is the ideal solution for all high productivity settings for up to 3 kgs of ground coffee a day. Even at peak times, MDJ guarantees precise grinding. Workflow speed increases with the new touchscreen display and handy portafilter hook that simplifies baristas’ work and reduces their stress levels.

Scopri MDJ:

Even more advanced, the MDXS on-demand with 65mm burrs has a 1.5 kgs daily grind capacity. It stands out for its dose consistency, silent functioning and ease of use. MDXS allows baristas to work in total comfort, speeding up the workflow with the new touchscreen display and portafilter hook.

Discover MDXS:

MDJ and MDXS are distinctive due to their quiet functioning: the new system, equipped with suspension, insulates the motor and eliminates unwanted noises. The micrometric grinding adjustment guarantees high level precision of the coffee grind, and the new clump crusher provides continuous flow of coffee into the portafilter, thus reducing waste. Both machines are designed to make cleaning and any technical assistance simple and quick. This is an ideal solution to guarantee reliability and reduce maintenance costs.

At Nuova Simonelli we believe that the best way to achieve excellence is to increase simplicity and ease of use. Our positive approach has driven us to constantly develop more solutions that can help baristas to work better and be more productive. That’s why the MDJ and MDXS stand out for their extreme simplicity of use both for coffee grinding and for daily cleaning and maintenance.