NUOVA Aurelia presents a new way to froth milk automatically, simply, and quickly

Nuova Aurelia is designed to guarantee chains, roasters and restaurants a workflow that reduces the operations to be performed and preparation waste.

E-Milk, for example, is a new milk technology from Nuova Simonelli that automates and simplifies work. E-Milk, in fact, allows automatic frothing of milk or plant-based drinks at the temperature and with the amount of cream defined in the recipe. In addition to saving up to 9 different milk or plant-based recipes (cappuccino, flat white, latte, etc.), E-Milk technology automates some operations, simplifying and speeding up the barista’s work. The innovative scope of this new technology lies in its sensors that automatically activate the steam wand and in the choice of the recipe directly from the steam knob display without having to change the settings from the main touchscreen display. E-Milk technology includes wand position and milk presence sensors: when the wand is in the rest position, it is possible to set, for example, the automatic purge, while when it is immersed in the jug with the milk, it can start frothing by activating the main recipe. These solutions are useful not only to speed up the workflow but also to automatically carry out the cleaning procedures necessary to guarantee a long life for the coffee machine.

The C-Automation technology of Nuova Aurelia, which connects the portafilters, the machine, and the grinders, guarantees the automation of each single step of the preparation process of any beverage to reduce the number of required barista steps and therefore also waste, to always guarantee quality standards and to increase productivity.

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