Benefits of choosing sustainable coffee machines

Appia Life

When it comes to how brands make and market their products, the importance of sustainable products has increased dramatically over the past few years.

Starting from the need to “reduce the impact of a coffee machine”, building products that are “made to last and to be made again”, Nuova Simonelli introduced new methods in order to offer their partner an eco-friendly product able to reduce the environmental impact and to increase the shops’ profitability per squaremeter.

Reducing by 20% the environmental impact.
Appia Life has 20% less environmental impact compared to the Appia II. In each new product project Nuova Simonelli uses the Life Cycle Assessment study, a structured and standardized method used worldwide that quantifies the potential impacts on the environment and human health associated with the use of a product. It helps to choose the best components to reduce energy dispersions, to improve coffee machine’s performance and to be easily recycled. In this way the equipments can reduce the CO2 emissions during their whole life cycle. The 20% savings is thanks to Appia Life new thermal system, new materials, and general optimization of the mechanical components.

Reducing by 13% energy consumption.
Chains, restaurant, hotels are looking for coffee equipments able to grant great profitability while granting a consistent quality level for a great customer experience. For Appia Life, Nuova Simonelli invested a lot to guarantee to coffee shop chains the preparation of great drinks while using less energy. The boiler of the Appia Life has DRYTEX THERMAL technology insulation that reduces 13% of energy consumption compared to the previous model.

Recycled and recyclable cardboard for packaging.
Sustainable packaging design is not only seen as critical to the circular economy but just as important to the customer as well. Nuova Simonelli coffee machine and accessories’ packaging is made of recycled and recyclable cardboard. The materials used, however, is not the only part of new sustainable packaging design.
There are “two key drivers” in packaging creativity today: the environmental and the ethical ones that are intertwined and joined together. The Nuova Simonelli branded packaging included all the values of the brand bringing in a shop an high performance coffee machine easy to use, ecofriendly and efficient.

Appia Life meets the standards set by the most important building sustainability rating systems.
The OnGreening platform, that provides detailed information about how products satisfy the main environmental building standards, has added Appia Life to its website. This coffee machine makes the grade for the various types of certification that measure all aspects of performance in overall building systems (including construction materials and furniture) by taking account of standard parameters leading to Green Building Certification.

Innovative and ecological corporate and residential construction as well as urban development are fundamental for the future of our planet, and especially for the lives and wellbeing of all of us. Coffee machines too are devices that work inside buildings and, as such, they must play their part in contributing to this global objective. This is how Appia Life was conceived with a view to improving its energy saving performance and its quality of extraction for the wellbeing of the user and those who taste the drinks that are produced.