Appia Life is a product that meets the standards set by the most important building sustainability rating systems. The OnGreening platform, that provides detailed information about how products satisfy the main environmental building standards, has added Appia Life to its website. This coffee machine makes the grade for the various types of certification that measure all aspects of performance in overall building systems (including construction materials and furniture) by taking account of standard parameters leading to Green Building Certification.

Innovative and ecological corporate and residential construction as well as urban development are fundamental for the future of our planet, and especially for the lives and wellbeing of all of us. Coffee machines too are devices that work inside buildings and, as such, they must play their part in contributing to this global objective. This is how Appia Life was conceived with a view to improving its energy saving performance and its quality of extraction for the wellbeing of the user and those who taste the drinks that are produced.

To achieve this, the boiler is lined using DRYTEX THERMICAL insulation technology which is capable of reducing energy consumption by 13% compared to the Appia II. Also, studies conducted by Life Cycle Assessment (a structured and standardised method of analysing the product life cycle that measures any impact arising from use of the product on the environment and human health) have demonstrated a 20% reduction of CO2 emissions compared to the Appia II. Appia Life achieved these important results thanks to the new thermal system, the new materials and to an overall upgrading of the mechanical components.

The wellbeing of those who work with the coffee machines and those who consume the drinks they create is always a priority for Nuova Simonelli. Appia Life was designed to improve simplicity and ease of use. This is an ergonomic machine that stands out for the extreme simplicity of its use both in terms of preparation of drinks, as well as for ease of daily cleaning and maintenance. Appia Life also guarantees high daily productivity and a result in the cup that is even more consistent, thus serving customers more quickly whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.